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Ford Ranger, FULL OPTIONS, 2-person children's car

£ 329.00 (including VAT 20%)
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Product code DK-F150-pink
Net weight 25.00 Kg
Gross weight 30.00 Kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 135 x 80 x 75 cm
Colour roze
Voltage 12V
Speed 3 tot 6 km p/u
Soft Start function yes
Age indication tot 6 jaar
Carrying capacity 35 kg
Seats 2 Persoons
Type of tires rubber (EVA)
Seat type artificial leather seat
Belt type standard seat belt
Remote control 2.4 GHz remote control
Multimedia ports MP3, mini SD and USB input
Included R/C, battery and charger

This beautiful 2 person electric pram is just as sturdy and robust as the real Ford Ranger and is produced under license from Ford. With 12 volt battery power, dual engines and multiple speeds, this childrens car runs between 3 and 6 km per hour. This large children's battery car offers space for 2 small children. The wheels are sprung for extra comfortable driving and the car is painted with high-gloss paint so that it is beautifully finished. Accu Toys supplies the Ford Ranger standard with a coastal leather seat and fully rubber tires instead of plastic tires. Furthermore, the children's car has a remote control, accelerator, 2 real doors, trunk, casing bonnet, lighting, MP3 input, music and more.

With the 2.4 GHz remote control and "soft start" function, the speed is built up so that your child will not feel any shock when accelerating.



12 volt battery
2x engines, drive on 2 rear wheels
Start d.m.v. a real key
Drive with 2 speeds both forwards and backwards
3 speeds, adjustable between 3 to 6 km per hour
Sprung wheels for extra comfort
Fully rubber tires
Art leather seat (black)
Really working headlights and back lighting
Dashboard lighting
MP3 input, USB and SD card reader
Horn and music buttons
Volume control
Electronic brake
1 wide seat of 47 cm wide including seat belt
2x real doors
Open trunk with a swing door
Extra storage space under the bonnet
Suitable for children up to 6 years
Carrying capacity is up to 35 kg
Dimensions: 135 x 80 x 75 cm
Driving time with a full battery is 60-90 min (measured on flat road)
Driving through the gas pedal or with a remote control to control the parents
2.4 GHz remote control with a "soft start" function




Quality: due to the production process, some smears, dots or scratches can be visible on the children's battery toys. Parts are sometimes not 100% seam finished on seam. That is quite common and applies to all children's battery toys. Especially black is a color where everything can be seen.


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